Top 5 Marketing Tips for 2020

Appeal to Your Customers with Thought Leadership & Content

2020 Is Unique. Utilize These Tips To Grow Your Customer Base

As the tech sector continually advances, so does the way we interact, communicate, and yes . . . make buying decisions. Now more than ever, marketers must be up to date with the latest channels to market, what is working in their own industry, and provide authentic content that potential customers can readily consume. eCommerce and digital marketing are vital to any campaign – regardless of whether you are a B2C or B2B company. Below are 5 quick tips to consider as we progress through 2020:


Focus on Content

Content is critical to building your traffic base. Outside of the cost of production and overhead, content creation is the most cost-effective way to test your messaging and identify what resonates with your customers. Buyers are more well-informed then ever before when making a purchasing decision – in both B2B and B2C settings. Create content that is authentic and provides value-added information to your customer segments.


Develop Brand Advocates

Brand advocacy is the most effective way to market. Advocates are your source for “word of mouth” advertising and have a louder, further reaching voice with social media, reviews available on Google, Amazon, and pretty much every eCommerce platform that exists today. Customers look at your reviews before they even consider your offering. Nourish your current customer based with added incentive and information to help motivate them to share their experience with further potential customers and refer your offering.


Continually Optimize your Conversion Funnel

How do your customers go from initial awareness, to consideration, to buying or utilizing your services? Each point in your customers journey is an opportunity to improve conversion. CRO (conversion rate optimization) does not end with your website. Its is optimizing your paid media and response rate, improving conversion on your site, and how you activate a customer with your sales team and further content. Optimize each step in the process to optimize every dollar you spend in your marketing campaigns.


Utilize Paid Social

Although over 88% of companies use paid social in some form, many neglect this tool – especially in B2B marketing. Paid social is one of the best ways to target audience segments, with the ability to target geographically, demographically, and even from a psychography standpoint on various levels. Identify your top customer segments, who they are, what they like, what type of role or job they have, etc. and create messaging that will resonate. Test and learn. Paid social is very fluid and flexible, you can gather insights relatively quickly and identify what messaging works to scale into rich media production such as video.


Be Authentic in Your Marketing Messaging

Most of all – be authentic. The days of rigid scripting and faceless corporations or companies are dwindling. Consumers want to know who you are, what you stand for, and why they should be interested in not only your company, but you as a partner. Provide content that gives insights into what you represent and WHY your company exists, WHY you are passionate about your offering. Viewers now can pickup on unauthentic, politician-like ads. Be real, be authentic, and you will organically grow your traffic base.

We are here to help guide you during this process and can offer our expertise as you look for options for a marketing service provider.  If you have any questions, please contact us at We can help you with your marketing needs and start growing your brand, your company to new heights.

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