The Role of Lead Generation

In Business Expansion

Down the ages, for over centuries, there has been a lucrative passion among men of taste, that of Antique Collection. This is such a passion that is not dependent upon age, gender or even nationality. Antique collection has been quite a common practice round the globe and includes huge amounts of monetary transactions. A 20th century Hardwood chest may cost around 2,700 USD while an antique Silver table clock may peak up to 30,000 USD.

But the real question lies within the entire system of these transactions. As known to all of us that antiques are normally old and used items, despite that ‘Why the Price?’. If we look a bit carefully, apart from the price of the metal of the object, the real demand is created by the ‘Story’ connected to it. The more interesting and pertaining to historical facts the story of the antique is, the more people crave to own it, and hence the huge monetary transactions. In short, the value of any product depends mostly on the Selling Strategy. The more convinced a person is with a product, the more easily that person turns into an effective customer.

Most successful companies put a lot of concern into this aspect of the sales strategy, in order to increase the overall customer flow. In marketing terms, this very phenomenon is known as Lead Generation. In basic terms, the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services, is known as Lead Generation. No matter how good a product or service may be, the real crux of the sales lies in a ‘viewer’ turning into a ‘customer’. In order to acquire a quality lead, the sales sector has to engage into an effective process of Introduction, Conversation and finally Conclusion. Let’s have a short trip round the three steps of Lead Generation:



  • The very primary act of letting people know about your Brand; your Products or Services (through marketing events, digital marketing, etc.)
  • Collecting suitable information about the interested viewers (like email ids, phone numbers, products or services interested in).
  • Sorting through the obtained information, for genuine or potential customers. (This step is essential in order to maintain a high quality of actual leads, which increase the rate of success).



  • The next step comes in initiating a light conversation with the potential lead (through calling, sending email, or even messaging on social media).
  • To maintain an impressionable rapport, by extending the volume of interaction (from emailing to calling, moving forward to video conferences and sometimes also stepping towards face-to-face conversation).
  • The main motive for all these conversations must be to convince the potential lead about the Brand or the Services, in a manner to convert it from Lead to being Actual Customer.



  • If the potential lead is fully convinced of your brand, it is time to play the final Sales Card. The sales must be conducted, keeping the impression of the company high (maybe through the assurance of future grievance redressal or regular service scheme).
  • If the lead is not convinced about the Brand, the sales get cancelled. But it is also the time to start working on the very next potential Lead.


What role does a B2B or B2C firm play in Lead Generation?

The very framework of the Lead Generation system is created and executed by them.

Digital Marketing firms like Guten Spiel focus on two major concepts of Marketing. The first being, Business to Business (B2B) where the products or services of the client company is meant for consumption by other companies. Hence, the promotion does not include individuals but rather takes place between two or more companies. The Second approach is Business to Customer (B2C) where the consumer of the Brand is an individual and not another company.

The very initiation of these concepts start with the process of Lead Generation. Each and every step starting from targeting potential leads, to using appropriate Branding and Promotion to attract considerable Website Traffic, a marketing firm indulges in all possible forms of conversation in order to finally call it a deal with the customer.

If you want your brand to be known and your customers to grow, Lead Generation is a must to follow.

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