Marketing During COVID-19

2020 Poses Unique Challenges . . . and Opportunity

How the Digital Platform Plays a Major Role in the Covid-19 Situation

The year 2019 was a drag. By the end of the year, most of us were counting days for the decade to end. A new decade, 2020 seemed to be waiting on the other side with unknown and exciting surprises. On the very last day of December, World Health Organization (WHO) came across with the report of an unknown pneumonia noticed at Wuhan city of China. By the mid of March, the pneumonia, now known as the Covid-19, was declared as a Global Pandemic. Travelling from China to Italy, penetrating through the borders of the United States and thereby crawling into more than 200 countries, the Coronavirus resulted in a worldwide Lockdown.

It was a drastic hit to the very existence of the entire human civilization. Mere day-to-day life seemed to take a different road. Shutting down of Offices, Restaurants, Shopping malls, Theatres, and so on, was a very common sight to people worldwide. It was like a cloud of darkness, which brought us face-to-face with some of the harshest realities of life, which were pointed to us by the media and the government. 


What seems visible to us:

  • An indeterminate period of Global Lock-down.
  • A major blow to the World Economy, leading towards severe recession.
  • A huge fall in the world GDP
  • Alarming increase in the rate of Unemployment
  • Serious restrictions to the free flow of Globalization

On the other hand, viewed in the positive light, goes the saying:   “A problem well stated is a problem half solved.”

If we look into the impact of COVID-19 closely, we find the Lock-down situation has led to a whole lot of new avenues for people whose only aim is to keep moving forward. There are quite a number of imperative aspects to our current situation that we tend to overlook, surfing through our daily lives.


What actually are visible to us:

  • Everyday Facebook feeds, being flooded by innovative posts, promoting various online classes
  • Every morning Instagram stories pop up to introduce a new talent or an entrepreneur. It maybe Ms. Freshers from university aiming for a million likes on her impeccable dance moves. Or it can be the artist from next door, selling all new artistic cotton face masks
  • Even we can enjoy live concerts of our favorite bands or tune into the voice that nails it solo, from the very comfort of our bedrooms
  • Special Courts have already figured out functioning through the digital courtrooms of Skype, as it goes “Justice delayed is Justice denied”.
  • Most Schools and Universities have been smoothly conducting regular classes, through online platform.
  • Board meetings are not constricted within four walls of the office, people from all over the globe can attend conferences. Also, companies have reported a major rise in the rate of work efficiency due to the employees working from home.

To be precise, the closing down of global boundaries physically, has expanded the digital boundaries enormously. In order to refrain from social gatherings and direct physical communication, people have chosen the digital medium to keep moving with their daily lives. Although, certain firms have faced crises, there has been companies which till date continues with the regular workflow, in fact with greater results. The only reason being a platform that enables the easiest form of access to people all around the world. A platform which can be extremely lucrative and creative with every passing day. And most importantly, the platform where success could only be a mouse click away. Hence, to summarize, it has been revealed through recent surveys, that going digital, be it for learning, marketing or for expansion of business, is considered the best possible option in times of COVID-19 and also into the future.


Our team at GutenSpiel, is ever ready to assist you with all that is needed to grow your brand or business, on the Digital platform. Your brand…our responsibility…just a click away.


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