Tips for Building Your Social Media Strategy

Content is King, But Spend time Understanding What Type of Content will Resonate

Social Media Content Strategy Tips

Social Media is one of the most effective marketing tools we have within the current marketplace. A company can target specific regions within a 5 mile radius, target based on gender, age, and preferences, while controlling the amount of spend with a click of a button. 88% of companies utilize Social Media in one form or another, but it is still an under-utilized tool – especially in B2B settings. While looking at your social media strategy, be sure to follow the below steps to increase audience engagement and customer acquisition:


Customer is Always First – Identify Customer Segments

What customers are you targeting? What does your current customer base look like? Knowing your audience, your customers is vital to any marketing campaign, especially regarding social media. Knowing who your customers are, what they like, what they respond to, and where you can add value to their lives beyond your product or service can transcend not only your customer engagement, but your customer acquisition as well. Identify the top 3-5 segments that you would like to target, starting here makes the rest much easier. 


Build Customer Personas 

Unsure what a customer persona is? We can help. But here are some guidelines. Picture the customer like you would a friend or relative and describe them in detail. Their characteristics, personality, what they like, what they are passionate about, and what they do not like. Do this same exercise for each customer segment you have identified. You will find that this will help zero in on specific types of content, how to deliver the message, and what types of variations you can provide to resonate with your customer base.


Create Messaging Differentiation

This can be the most challenging but is vital to building a marketing campaign that gets above the noise. Share of voice and mind share are at a premium with the varied entertainment outlets that we all enjoy. A company must find ways to make their message standout. Look at your industry and the players within – what makes your company different? What resonates with your customers within the sales cycle? Build out 3-4 value propositions that make your company unique and ensure to incorporate them in your content and throughout your customers journey. 


Identify Social Networks 

Although over 88% of companies use paid social in some form, many fail to identify each network to use. For some B2C companies, social media vehicles like Instagram and Facebook are the most vital but fail to look at Snapchat. Others (especially in B2B), use LinkedIn primarily. However, your content can stretch much further the more effective networks you select for your customer base. While building your customer persona, be sure to address where your customers are and what types of social networks and content sites (YouTube for example) they use. Once you have identified this, build out what type of cadence works for you and for your customers within each social media or content platform.


Set Engagement & Acquisition Goals for Each Social Network 

One cannot improve what they cannot measure. For each network, be sure to understand the objective. Are you simply trying to create more awareness and grow your social media audience? Or is the primary focus on customer acquisition? Set primary and secondary objectives for your social media marketing strategy and understand the KPI’s (key performance indicators) for each. For awareness and engagement, one can review interaction rate, share rate, etc. For customer acquisition, one would look at cost per click, ROAS (return on ad spend), etc.  Be sure to identify what your objective is and how you can track your progress to that objective with KPI’s. 

We are here to help guide you during this process and can offer our expertise as you look for options for a marketing service provider.  If you have any questions, please contact us at We can help you with your marketing needs and start growing your brand, your company to new heights.

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