Reading the Ever-changing Anatomy of a company

marketing Diagnostics

“An apple a day, keeps a Doctor away”. A very common proverb all of us have been growing up with. But that doesn’t imply that we never fall sick. Although in some cases we try our hands-on home remedies, but in most cases, we feel more relieved when we receive a prescription from a Doctor. Also, it is often noticed that however well experienced a doctor is in his or her particular field, they do recommend us for some kind of diagnostic tests. Thereby, moving ahead with our treatment based on the diagnostic reports, in order to understand the actual cause of suffering and hence to provide the exact required diagnosis.

As rational human beings, we understand what it means to be healthy as an individual, but do we understand what a healthy company means? Even though a company might have a well laid Plan, an extremely efficient Task Force, quite a recognised Impression in the Industry, but still it can face a decline in Market Statistics.

The very reason, a Company might slide down within the industry can be the lack of proper Diagnostics. Just like a human body requires a detailed study of its anatomy, while suffering from a disease, it is extremely necessary to understand the ever-changing anatomy of company, and therefore to run proper Marketing Diagnostics.

A dedicated and well-focussed Entrepreneur will always aim for a constant rise in their Company Statistics. The only recurring dream they might have is that of viewing their Brand at the top of the Industry pyramid. In order to fulfil such a dream and to prevent one’s Brand from falling, some basic methods can be utilised to run a clear and successful diagnostic.

The very primary steps would be to run some detailed surveys in a two-fold approach.


To begin with an “internal” survey…

  • To study the internal factors of one’s company like, the very motive of production (be it a service or a product). To find out if there is any pertinent flaw or an unresolved gap in the production system or the final product.
  • Next would be to understand and evaluate the workflow within the task force or the employees. This can be easily done by holding organized team meetings and opening up to group opinions pointed towards the development of the organization.
  • Then comes the reading of the Marketing Strategies, and Promotional Values.
  • And finally, an external input, most desirably from the client or the customer’s end. It is very important to maintain a clear and honest platform for customer reviews in order to maintain the overall rating of the Brand.


The next approach would be to conduct ‘External’ survey…

  • Understanding the market situation and the change prospect of the industry is very necessary to have a clear opinion about the required changes and adaptations to be followed.
  • To look out for new and budding opportunities, to working towards achieving them with the optimal utilisation of existing resources and also by employing new resources, if required.
  • Also, it is important to browse through the strategies and workings of similar firms in the industry and to run a thorough comparison.
  • To focus on new and innovative marketing strategies as per the trend of the hour, in order to reach a maximum number of viewers.

Once a complete Internal and External survey is conducted, it is important to focus on working and developing on the four major points of SWOT.


SWOT stands for…

  • Strength – When the strength of the company has been realised, it is utmost necessary to maintain and thereby to employ it for the purpose of growth.
  • Weakness – Every company has its own weaknesses, but the real success lies when the weakness is prevented from creating a hindrance in Prosperity and active steps are taken towards alleviating them.
  • Opportunities – Opportunities are ever expanding. It just needs the right vision to see them and hence the spirit and method in obtaining them.
  • Targets – Setting the right target and a feasible duration to fulfil them increases the overall morale of the company, leading towards a very positive rate of success.


Apart from these, factors like Positioning of the Brand, proper implementation of Marketing Approaches, Having a high rate of Customer Satisfaction and to have a very positive approach towards Lead to Revenue model (a positive turnout of Potential Leads into Actual Customers) is very necessary for the Growth and Development of a company.


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