Best Practices For Testing Marketing Campaigns

Test and Learn through A/B Testing and Social Media Targeting

Let Your Customer Decide What Messaging & Offer They Prefer

Testing a marketing campaign is critical to your success. Not only will your company save money, but precious time in development and deployment of your campaign. Below we cover some of the best practices for launching a marketing campaign, which begins with testing on a small scale before your company invests substantial dollars in creative production and launching your advertising campaign.

Define your Target Audience Segments

EVERY part of your business should start with your customer – product development, innovation, and especially your company’s marketing and messaging. The world of eCommerce and digital marketing offers many ways to test your messaging and ensure differentiation to win. Start with identifying your target markets, who your current customers are, and what customers you want to attract. Increasing customer acquisition starts with identifying who you want to target.


Build Customer Personas

A customer persona gives a living, breathing example of who your customer is. Think of it as describing in detail who that person is, what behavior they exhibit, what thoughts they have, and what their need state is. This will help your marketing messaging to dial in to their need or want state, as well as how to differentiate your offering versus your competition.


Brainstorm what Resonates with Your Customer

After identifying who your customer is and what they are looking for, brainstorm what type of messaging angles will resonate with your target audience. What emotion would evoke a response? Especially when it comes to B2C or Direct Selling – your marketing needs to evoke emotion to create an action. Develop 4-5 messages per customer persona to test.


Build Messaging Matrix

After dialing in the first 4-5 messages per customer segment, build a messaging matrix per segment that identifies the imagery, headlines, and messaging to test. Depending on what marketing channel or digital marketing channel you will test, build ads specific to your target audience and your marketing channel. Your messaging matrix should have the ads you will AB test against each other and rotate. Keep adding new ads to test against the best ROI generating ad per segment.


Test Messaging & Analyze to Optimize

Test and learn fast by deploying your ads on a weekly cadence. Pending your ad spend and sample size, be quick to swap out the lower performing ads and continually optimize with new ads. Change your headers, change your images, but keep it to one variable at a time when changing your ads to optimize your marketing campaigns. Each comparison must be apples to apples when measuring ad performance against each other.

We are here to help guide you during this process and can offer our expertise as you look for options for a marketing service provider.  If you have any questions, please contact us at We can help you with your marketing needs and start growing your brand, your company to new heights.

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